Tahir Register’s Open Letter – Finding That Silver Lining … READ HERE:


Dear Biscuitheads,

Often times loneliness reminds us of a false truth. The truth is, we are lonely, the lie is, we are alone. We are not alone in our loneliness, but I understand first hand how difficult it is to believe that myth. We are conditioned to feel when we are going through something difficult, no one else is going through it. I’m here to let you know the windows surrounding my case of accolades are shining, windexed, decorative, and classy, but the second you open it and take a closer look, I am no different than you. I am scared, lonely, nervous, worried, and always contemplating giving in to a life of stability rather than joy.

There is nothing wrong with stability, but at the cost of giving up my dreams I feel joy would be impossible, maybe not, I am not a seer, but is the risk worth it? Is the risk of my dreams worth not having stability? Many say; “give it your all and you will earn stability”, but are they soothsayers? Does their journey equal yours or mine? I do not have the answers. I am no different than you. I am looking for that silver lining…

I recently came across Jazmine Sullivan’s new album “Reality Show“, which you can purchase right now on iTunes. There’s a song on the album titled; “Silver Lining” a song about searching, and finding yourself, your journey, and your destiny through the bumps of life. The lyrics really touched me. They were so timely for what I am experiencing, have experienced and know friends and family members who also experience the same: the journey to finding their silver lining. It was almost as if I’d written the song myself, for myself.

“……So If I’m looking up don’t mind me…but I can’t be, I just can’t be, I can’t be down no more! And If you don’t know where to find me, I’m out looking, I’m looking…for that silver lining…the silver lining, and I don’t know where but I’m hoping i’ll find it, I’m looking, for that silver lining….”

                              I am writing this letter to provide a solution and to make sure that 10 years from now you can pull this letter up and site my words because I mean the following:

The solution to feeling lonely, not having what you need, not having enough money, afraid your dream will not come true…the solution? My solution is simple…Embrace and encourage those around you in similar fields. Until you’ve reached “the top” you are not higher, better, or more coveted then the next. Many of us, in entertainment for instance, feel that our resumes, or credits puts us above the friends and family around us in the same field. If they have yet to accomplish the same or similar credits we belittle them, sometimes unknowingly. The people who posses this arrogance often find themselves lonely and continuously having issues paying rent, car notes, finding constant work, etc. However since their outside, there image looks so good, it seems they have it together and they act like they do, ultimately needing help that they never asked for. On the flip side, the ones trying to build their credits are having issues feeling encouraged from the same people they believe have it together, and have it all because they are constantly reminded that they’ve not done enough to be worthy. CUT IT OUT!!

We are all in this jiggy jungle together! Embrace everyone, and encourage everyone! You may not even have to work with everyone!! But doing those two things will provide such a great feeling to another human being and they will always remember it in the future. Think of your future! I know so many church musicians (that can only play an instrument or two) who feel they are too “booked and busy” to work with singers and songwriters. I know singers who’ve sung background for years for some top celebrities who are sitting home right now and cannot play an instrument or write a lyric having trouble with their solo careers and I know great songwriters who’ve written for no one. The sad part? The sad part is each of them, the musicians, songwriters, and singers, etc ALL KNOW EACH OTHER!!!! Now does that make any got damn sense???????? No! Embrace and encourage those around you in similar fields. Until you’ve reached “the top” you are not higher, better, or more coveted then the next. WORK TOGETHER ITS THE ONLY WAY YOURE GOING TO GET THERE…

Use your surroundings, come off of that horse and stop thinking you are alone in your loneliness. You are not. Work together to get to the top, it’s my belief that, that’s the only way you will get there…team work….makes the muthafucking dream work….fug what cha heard!!!!! LOL!!!!

LoVe -T

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Tahir Register Produces A Vintage Visual Excerpt From Sid Powell’s New Poetry Book LOOK


Hey Biscuitheads!!!

As Sid Powell’s publicist I’ve had the pleasure of heading four projects thus far. The first was exacting her social media presence and taking advantage of her fan base. The second, making sure fans were aware of her poetry book release and signing. The third was overseeing the event making sure Sid looked great, and that it ran smoothly, pictures were taken, and posted, and WE SOLD OUT BOOKS! The last, rather the most recent, is the visual “Mine All Mine” also for the poetry book awareness; Poetry: The POWER Of Potential, which you can purchase for $15 at http://www.SidPo.com

We have so much more planned for you guys, thanks for the support! Check out the video below starring Sheena Knight and Brian Crawford.

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